Canine Parenting Class

Free to the human public! (please do NOT bring your pet)

Required for all Adopters at GHS






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Held at Glendale Humane Society

Classes are held weekly on an as needed basis.










Special Classes and Workshops




K9 Body Language Lecture

Wonder what your dog is thinking? Join us for an incredibly informative and entertaining 90+ minute lecture about the most important way your pooch communicates: body language! Janine will teach you how to understand your dog (and other dogs) better than ever before!


Street Smarts

Your instructor will take you on six fun-filled weekly outings - terrific socialization for you and your pooch.  You'll learn practical application of all those great skills you've picked up in your previous J9's K9s classes.


Wilderness Walks

Use the many skills you've learned in your J9's K9s classes while enjoying six weekly scenic walks along various nature trails in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.


Intro to Agility

Keep the momentum going with this exciting J9's K9s class! Strengthen what you've learned in previous classes and work off-leash with your dog as you expose him to important agility basics in our safe, indoor environment.



Train the next pet star in the fun and festive Tricks classes - you'll be the hit of the party as you "WOW" your friends and family with your dog's amazing antics! Or sharpen up a particular skill with your canine friend in one of our Waggin' Workshops - click on the above links for class descriptions and information. You never know what fun the J9's K9s crew will come up with next!





Training Classes

Come learn while you play at J9's K9s!

Your dog will love you for it!


Puppy Head Start

This six-week class is held in our safe, clean indoor facility in Canoga Park, and is designed for puppies 7 to 16 weeks of age. Toy breeds are accepted up to 20 weeks of age



This six-week class is open to all dogs over 16 weeks of age. Using positive reinforcement and motivational methods, agility equipment and fun games, students improve their relationships with their dogs and strengthen the dog's ability to focus and obey around distractions.



Dogs must have completed a Beginner Class at J9's K9s. Continue having fun with your dog as you build on the skills learned in Beginner Class! Intermediate Fun & Games Obedience emphasizes strengthening behaviors such as coming when called, loose leash walking and stays. Difficult distractions and distance from the handler are also added in this class.



Dogs must have completed an Intermediate Class at J9's K9s. Design your own class curriculum in this innovative, upper-level J9's K9s class. Each student decides what they want to work on during the six-week session, and the instructor plans the games in class accordingly! Recalls and stays around very difficult distractions, sit for petting, confidence building, tricks, attention around distractions and more - includes a "Street Smarts" session where you'll practice around real world distractions, too. The sky's the limit in this made-to-order class!

Create a Companion you're proud of!


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