​Glendale Humane Society’s adoption process consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit an adoption application
    A complete application helps us determine a good match for your family. We have gotten to know our dogs’ personalities and can be very helpful to you in selecting the right dog.

  2. Application is reviewed by GHS Adoption Committee
    Average response time is from 1 to 3 days. We will only call those with approved applications.

  3. Meet the dog(s)
    We will schedule a time for you and all members of your family/household to meet the dog. Since this dog will be a new member in your family, we need all parties, including your current dog, to be happy with the choice. We schedule multiple meetings once the adoption is approved. This offers the adopter(s) and dog the opportunity to get acquainted.

  4. Attend our Canine Parenting class
    Our Canine Parenting class provides you with a blueprint for transitioning the rescue dog into your household. Classes are offered regularly at Glendale Humane Society and are for adults only (no young children please).

  5. Pick up your new dog
    Once all meetings and Canine Parenting class are complete we schedule a pick-up day. We require adopters to schedule an A.M. (before noon) pick-up time for their new dog. Dogs must go home before noon.

  6. Training session                                                                                                                                              We invite you to attend our Wednesday 11-12:30 training session. This fun and informative session with a postiver reinforcement trainer offers you information on prevention and management and provides your family with the tools for success.

  7. The adoption fee includes:

    The adoption fee includes: Spay/Neuter, DA2PPv Vaccinations, Rabies Vaccination, Parasite treatment (if needed), AVID or HomeAgain microchip*, Canine Parenting Class, and training session with a GHS professional trainer.

    * To have information updated with you as the primary owner for dogs previosuly microchipped with AVID chips there may be an additional fee.



  • Spay/Neuter

  • Vaccinations: DA2PPv, Rabies, Parasite treatment if needed

  • HomeAgain/AVID microchip

  • Canine Parenting Class

  • An invitation to attend our Wednesday, 11-12:30, training session with professional trainer.



*An additonal fee for puppies trained through out Brilliant Buddies program .


Start the process by downloading the application to adopt a dog by clicking below:

You can submit your application by emailing it to or faxing it to (818) 242-4565.