Foster Parenting Program

Glendale Humane Society is proud to say that it is one of the few shelters in the Los Angeles area with a successful Foster Parent program. Foster parents save many lives each year by opening their homes and hearts to help young, ill, injured, severely stressed, or under-socialized dogs and cats. Many of these animals would otherwise be sent to city shelters to face euthanasia due to lack of space and staff time necessary to provide individual attention and care. However, Glendale Humane Society has a devoted core of Foster Parents that take these orphans into their homes until they are ready for adoption.

But we can always use more…

By bringing a rescued animal into your home, you can help them become more adoptable. It is truly amazing how quickly they respond to being in a home environment and receiving personal attention. You won’t find anything more rewarding!


If fostering a companion animal interests you, the first step is to fill out an Adoption Application for either dog or cat; we use the form to better match you with the needs, likes, and personalities of our animals. Please write FOSTER PARENT PROGRAM in the "Name of GHS animals you are Interested in Adopting" section. Submit the form to our office and one of our program directors will contact approved applicants.