Meet Barbie. She is a young Cockapoo who just celebrated her 2nd birthday. Barbie came to Glendale Humane as an owner turn in; her former mom was moving to college. Upon intake we saw that our little girl had an injured leg – her owner said she had been hit by a car a few months prior but that they did not have the funds to take care of her injury. We had little Barbie examined by our veterinarian right away and we learned her full story. Barbie has a severe heart murmur and a shattered pelvis. We had x-rays done of her pelvis showing the full extent of her broken bones as well as an echocardiogram done of her heart to give us a better idea of what exactly we need to do for her. The results of the echocardiogram warranted a consult and probably more with a cardiologist. We made the appointment and met with Dr. Lesser of Advanced Veterinary Care Center. Barbie has a congenital heart defect – a PDA. This is a hole in her heart that ideally would have been fixed within the first 6 months of her life – but must be fixed right away. The PDA surgery is a one-time surgery that will last the rest of her life. Once the PDA is performed, Barbie will undergo pelvic plating to restore function to her rear legs. These two surgeries will make Barbie whole again and allow her to be the beautiful playful puppy she is!
      The PDA surgery is expected to cost roughly $3,000 and the pelvic plating will cost about $4,000. Glendale Humane has already put an additional $2,000 towards diagnostic work and medical consultations.
      Are you able to help our sweet girl? Every single dollar counts!


Barbie's wonderful cardiac surgeon put Glendale Humane in touch with an amazing organization called "The Big Heart's Fund". We applied for a grant to assist with funding Barbie's heart PDA surgery and the orgazation chose us as a recipient of their maximum grant - $1,000! They were moved by Barbie's story and everything that we are doing to make her whole again and raised an additional $905 through a page for Barbie on their website. An enormous thank you to The Big Hearts Fund and Dr. Lesser of Advanced Veterinary Care for making this surgery a reality.

Two weeks ago Barbie had her PDA surgery, the hole is repaired, and she is now living murmur free!


The next step is continuing to raise funds for her pelvic plating surgery - we still have roughly the full amount, $4,000, to go.

She is a young pup and longs to romp in the grass, go for long walks on the beach, and live a long fun doggy life full of activity and adventure. We are determined to make that possible! Can you help us make this final surgery a reality? Please click the "I want to help" button above to give whatever amount you are able.


Thank you for your support! Sometimes it takes a village - and we sure do have the best!