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We knew once we walked into the room where Madison was with her five brothers, she was the one for us. She was only six weeks old and we couldn't take her home yet, but the Glendale Humane Society was nice enough to let us visit her whenever it was convenient. We are so thankful for GHS taking such good care of our Maddy before we could become her "permanent" family. Finally, at eight weeks old, she was heading to her new home. Since being with us, she has been the model dog and is always eager to learn a new trick. By the time she was sixteen weeks old (age in the photo), she had already learned over fifteen commands, including sit, stay, come, high-five, dance, roll-over and play dead (Maddy's favorite trick). We still use 'find it' that she learned at the GHS. We are bummed that she is camera shy since she is so photogenic. Hopefully, she will get used to being in front of the camera. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family and we owe so much to GHS for everything they did for our "baby".


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