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Benny's Tale

Dear Alyce, GHS, + any of the other friends there;

My adoption and the new people you found for me are truly working out well.

I have two roofs over my head (we are at the vacation house), and I get healthy meals

plus as many protein treats as I can earn. I missed you all so much at first, but have

found new friends out on the many sidewalks, at the stables, and local store fronts...Did you know there is this big, scary animal called a horse? I have two "cousins" that are also way bigger than me (Labrador Retrievers) who are so patient as I learn to settle down and be as "chill" as they are. I am facing a lot of my fears with success. We went for a long, fun walk together and then relaxed together on the front lawn.


I have my own chauffeur and car to ride in; my own bed in each room to rest in; and

my choice between two rooms and two fun people to snuggle with at night. I

have gotten used to my two parrot "sisters", the cockatiel, and two pond fish.

At first they freaked me out, but I earn treats when I notice the African Grey

sneaking out of her cage & across the floor. I bark and tell on her and push her off the bed when she isn't supposed to be up there. I have gotten used to her messing with me~~~

as she whistles and says "Come here boy" and even barks at me like she's a big dog. I ignore it now...even when she copies my little dog bark. At first I thought she was the strangest dog I had ever seen : > I don't get how she likes eating seeds.

I can tell by the way my people love me and smile and laugh with me & give me treats, I really owe you thanks for all that you did for me & to help me fit in here. They appreciate the way I can sit and lie down & leave it, so now I am working on "high five". I wish they had gotten a picture of it, but on command, the two Labs and I really wowed them by sitting at the same time (all three of us lined-up in a row). So you can still be so proud of me, and I mean it~~~you really helped me fit in here & are a big part of my success.

I am happy to report that I have kept any and all would-be intruders & bad-dogs out and have stuck by my owners's sides or laid at their feet at all times. I have only gone to the bathroom outside where I'm supposed to at the apt., and I have not even touched their belongings (well, one dirty sock~~~ I couldn't resist, it was on the floor and I left it alone quickly on my own). I used the doggie door without anyone showing me how.

This is getting long, so I better go. My "in-basket" is overflowing with toys I need to take care of and it is time to take my boss outside for a walk. I am supposed to tell you that because of me my new owners are meeting all kinds of nice dog-people out on walks. I am socializing them :O) They get more exercise, laugh more, and feel more connected to good things in life in good ways. You taught them better ways to control and get along with people as well as dogs. I give them more purpose & joy. In some ways I rescued them and gave them the compatibility and acceptability that they have been needing.

Give everyone there a treat for me~~~for being such good people and good animals.

Life is continuing to be so very good.

Many tail-wags and white fluffy wiggles,



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