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Little Zoey's Update


I'm writing to give you an update on little Zoey! As a first-time pet owner with no kids, the compassion I feel for her is something I've never experienced. I cried the first time I left her alone because she was so upset. I don't think I quite understood how difficult it would be to take on the responsibility of a life you care so much about.


We've both learned a lot since the first few days and she's much better about being home alone, though we don't leave her more than 4-5 hrs without a sitter. Life with her has definitely been an adjustment, but a wonderful one. The effect she has had on me in 5 short weeks has been so positive. I take her on walks, jogs, to run errands, to social events etc and it is so fun for both of us. She's the sweetest, calmest, most week-behaved and affectionate little dog. I think we're exactly what the other needed.


I worried about how she would fit in to my busy lifestyle but she has slid right in with no problem. She absolutely adores my roommate and her boyfriend who take amazing care of her if I'm away and she gets super excited to come to my work because everyone gives her so much attention. She's a little extension of my body and has even won over a few clients! She does well in her crate but much prefers my lap or bed. She is my number one snuggle buddy and I couldn't imagine waking up to a cuter face every morning. Most importantly, she seems happy and relaxed.

Thank you ALL for helping me find the perfect companion and best friend :)


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