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Peaches - now Dixie!


Aww, just wanted you to see how much Peaches (now Dixie) is loved and enjoying her new life!


She bonded with me the minute we left for home, but she was wary of everybody how came to see her. After a week or so, she started barking when she heard something and I knew then that she was protecting her “home”. Now, she is so excited to see everybody


who she knows is welcome to our home. She gets along great with her new housemate, Kelly (the cat). She still has issues about walking up or down the street. I can only get her about 3 houses either way and then she freaks out and want to go home. But she is the sweetest and most loving dog I’ve ever had. She is the best watchdog I’ve ever had. And every morning, when she can tell that I am finally awake, she comes crawling up on me, wagging her tail and kissing me a hundred kisses! She and I have a mutual love affair!


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