We offer courtesey listing to our community members who are no longer able to care for their pets.
Adoption is arranged through the pet's family and those interested in adopting them.

CAT, Female


Hi my name is Rachel I’m looking for a home for my 10 year old cat. She’s quiet and sleeps most of the day . She’s very small because she was born a runt. She prefers to be the only cat in the home gets along great with people. Thank you Rachel


post date 6/17/20



My name is Ashley and its with a heavy heart that I reach out to inquire about surrendering my 11-year-old tabby cat, Hercules. Hercules is a loving, mild-mannered, healthy (vaccinated and neutered) 11-year-old tabby cat. I took Hercules in 4 years ago when a family member surrendered him after a divorce. Since then, Hercules has been a complete sweetheart. He's incredibly friendly, loves to sleep, cuddle and be petted. He has even been patient and gentle with my daughter from her infancy through toddlerhood.

post date 6/10/20

SAILOR, Male, Collie/Shephard Mix


Sailor is an incredibly sweet and loving Collie / Shepherd mix. He's between 2 and 5 years old, is 100% house trained, knows how to sit and is leash trained, and is just the sweetest, most laid back loving dog in the world. Unfortunately he also has territorial issues and bit my landlord while getting accustomed to his new home. Sadly, I wont be able to keep him because of this, but looking for a home where someone can enjoy the 99% of the time he is the loveliest best pet in the world and work with him on the 1% that he needs to change.

Chris Rose

JOY, Female, Labrador/Cardigan Welsh Corgi


We adopted Joy 6 years ago as our second dog. She is playful and cuddly. Loves to play fetch and sun herself on hot days. She knows a some commands like sit, stay and down, but can be pretty stubborn! She will eat almost anything including fresh cut veggies. She recently started fighting with our elderly dog of 12 years and we also have a 6 month old at home so we need to find Joy a place where she gets more attention and is not around other dogs. She does not like other dogs and is aggressive towards them. As a result of this she is difficult to walk and needs a yard. That is why we are now looking for a new home for her. She would be really successful at a home with a fenced in yard, with experienced dog owners and no other dogs in the house.

KARMA, Female, Doxie/Beagle Mix


Karma is a 10 ½ year old, spayed Dachshund Beagle mix who weighs about 23 pounds. Her temperament is excellent. She is a happy dog, who loves to play with dogs and people. She has never bitten and allows me to take her chews or toys from her. She will walk right up to new people and barks at the UPS truck! She likes to run off leash and comes when called, unless there’s a kitty nearby.

Karma was adopted from a shelter and re-homed to an active family with other dogs. When the family grew to include small children, they no longer had time for the dogs, who are now left outside. We are looking for a home where Karma can enjoy being part of the family.

Please email Jay at to learn more about Karma.


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